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Pet Insurance is recommended for all puppies. If you need recommendations on insurance please call me. Keeping your Newfoundland puppy well-groomed and healthy is easy. Check your dog’s ears weekly to remove debris and keep them free of infection. Daily brushing is a good bonding experience and enhances the shine of your Newfoundland’s luxurious coat. We have professional grooming done in the spring. The dogs love it! All that hot, heavy, hair gone for the warmer months.  Give your Newfie access to drinking water continually until 2 hours before bedtime. Water buckets can be clipped to your pup’s kennel. They drink lots of water. Feed them a quality, premium dog food. Feed them breakfast. Dinner should be late afternoon, or as soon as you get home from work. Being a cold-weather dog, Newfoundland puppies should be taught kenneling in the coolest area of your home. Kenneling aids in housebreaking, teaches control, and provides a safe haven for your pup.  Your pup’s kennel should be placed prior to bringing your pup home. Kenneling should not be used for punishment. Teaching kenneling preserves your home and your relationship with your pup. It’s not a good idea to leave an unsupervised pup loose in your home.  We prefer fenced yards or farms for our pups. Exercise requirements can be met with walks and creative ideas you come up with, if you don’t have a fence. Swimming is natural for these guys. Be careful to rinse off your pup, paying attention to cleaning and drying inside the ears.

To preserve your puppy’s hips and elbows do NOT allow jumping off decks, pick-up truck beds, your bed or any other raised surface. Their bones are soft until 2 years of age and can be damaged by jumping off higher ground.  To avoid complications we recommend NO STAIR use.

Insurance respectfully requested for all puppies purchased.