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Welcoming a Newfoundland Puppy Into Your Home


Few things are more exciting than adding a new puppy to your family…especially when it’s an adorable Newfoundland one! Our beautiful dogs are raised on 21 acres in rural Wilmington, Ohio. The dogs have ample space to play, eat and sleep, and they make the most adorable puppies. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Newfoundland puppy, it’s important you have a training plan in place as your new dog gets acclimated to your home.

Tips for Training Your Newfoundland Puppy


Newfoundland puppies are not only cute, they’re also highly intelligent and active. As such, it’s important to train your puppy every day to prevent him or her from feeling bored. They are very fast leaners…just show them how to properly behave and the results will follow.

That said, each Newfoundland puppy has a unique personality. Learn the personality of your puppy and match your training methods accordingly. For example, figure out what part of the day he or she is most active, and use that time for training purposes. This will tire him or her out and turn nap time into a habit! Like most dogs, Newfie puppies are best when they’re kept on a consistent schedule. Stick to a routine; this is easier said than done with how busy we all are, but it will pay dividends for you in the long run.

When introducing a new training theme, keep it short and sweet. Newfoundland puppies may lose interest if they have to keep doing the same thing over and over…and over again.

Newfoundland puppies respond very well to positive reinforcement; sometimes you may have to discipline your puppy but do your best to stay positive. We find that firm, one-word commandments really help for training purposes. Also, save his or her favorite treats to help you during training time!

Moreover, mix up the training environments. In addition to training at home, take your puppy out to other places so he or she can learn to focus even when distracted by new surroundings. You can use walks together, drives together and days at the park as training sessions. They’ll be fun for both dog and owner!

And remember, dogs are just like humans–lifelong learners! Continue training and teaching even after their puppy years have past.

Health Training Tips for Your Newfoundland Puppy


Please note, we do not support a grain-free diet; when formulating a diet for your Newfoundland puppy, you should prioritize a protein based one. Notably, Newfoundland puppies should have a chicken-based diet, but as he or she grows older, you can add raw chunks of beef, cooked chicken and salmon to their dog food. Also, you should add water moisten their food. Also, you should never feed a dog a food product if ‘corn’ is listed as the primary ingredient.  What’s more, you should provide free choice water throughout the day for your puppy.

Additionally, it’s vital you keep your puppy up to date on his or her vaccinations. When you purchase a Newfoundland puppy from us, he or she will come with their first vaccination. From that point on, you should routinely take your puppy to a veterinarian of your choice and should make your first appointment within one week of adding a puppy to your home.   

If you have any questions about training your Newfoundland puppy, call or text Dave at 513-633-3049 or 513-967-3772.


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