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Elevated Surfaces

Elevated surfaces for Newfoundland puppies through the age of two will destroy your puppies’ bones forever. I tell all buyers of our puppies: do not allow your puppies on your bed to jump off a couch nor a staircase. The reason being will be evident in my personal story.
Four weeks ago, I fell on my kitchen floor and broke my patella in half—my kneecap. Four weeks later, I went upstairs to get some AKC papers and a couple of dog files. I rarely go upstairs as our bedroom is on the first floor. This morning I got up to make breakfast as I’m supposed to exercise this leg with the broken kneecap, and my leg was screaming in pain, as was my kneecap. This is just a simple example of what the soft long bones and joints of a young puppy go through on a staircase. This is why we do not sell our puppies to condominium or apartment dwellers unless 1st-floor owners. Elevators break down often and force people to use the staircase. If you have a young puppy or a dog that needs to use a staircase because of a broken elevator, you will destroy your dogs’ joints and long bones. If your puppy jumps off your bed every morning, that heavy impact is bending his long bones and pulling the ball out of his socket. If he jumps off the couch, he’s bending that long bone and pulling the ball out of the socket. Please pay heed.
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