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Summertime requires special care for your Newfoundland. Puppies and adults alike. Newfoundlands require cool temperatures to thrive. Baby pools or horse troughs to cool off in are appreciated. A professional grooming job on your Newfoundland is also a good idea a couple of times in the summer late spring and then a couple months later. Your Newfoundland will love you for it. Make sure to check their ears to keep them clean and dry after swimming . A Newfoundland with an ear infection will become a chronic problem. As much as a newfoundland in the summer likes to swim, they don’t care to be rained on. Feeding your Newfoundland when the temperatures are cool will be appreciated. And don’t forget the cool fresh water  at all times for drinking. Summers are certainly more challenging when caring for your Newfoundland than any other season. Please protect your dog from heat stroke.

Call your Breeder with any questions or concerns on care for your newfoundland.