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When you adopt a Newfoundland puppy from Horner Newfoundland, you will have an adorable and loyal companion for years to come. However, it’s important you take good care of your Newfoundland puppy so that they will have many happy and healthy years to come. This starts right as you bring your Newfoundland puppy home. Below, we discuss some actions we recommend owners do after they adopt one of our Newfoundland puppies.

Have them vet-checked within 3 business days

At Horner Newfoundland, we health-test all adults prior to breeding and ensure that all our puppies are properly vaccinated. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you take your puppy to the vet within three business days of bringing them home. Doing so will ensure that your puppy’s health needs are taken care of and you can take the proper steps to keep them healthy.

After your first vet-check, make sure that you get your puppy regularly de-wormed and keep them up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Protect them during the hot summer months

Newfies are cold weather dogs. As such, they’ll need extra protecting during the hot summer months, especially if you live in a hot climate. Provide them with cool areas in your home, as well as plenty of cold water. We also recommend getting them professionally groomed during the summer to remove their heavy hair. This will keep them comfortable and reduce shedding.

Keep them away from elevated surfaces

Newfoundland dogs are prone to hip dysplasia as they get older. Thankfully, you can reduce their risk of developing this condition by keeping them away from elevated surfaces (such as stairs or high beds) for the first two years of their life. Newfie’s bones are soft during their first two years, so keeping them away from elevated surfaces will prevent any trauma during those critical years.

Provide them with the proper nutrition

Protein is an essential component of a Newfie’s diet. A chicken-based or salmon-based diet with plenty of grains and veggies mixed in is the best diet to keep them healthy. Avoid “grain-free” diets or diets with too much corn.

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